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(If you have already provided all the information requested below, please disregard this notice):
1. (If you already haven't done this) Print out the following Consultation Intake Form, fill out, scan and then upload to our website.  http://www.hisadvocate.org/documents/consultation/HISA-Consultation-5-22-2016.pdf

Create a ticket on our website:  https://www.hisadvocates.org/support/post-topic

You must be a VIP Member for the ability to upload documents.  Please use a discount code for a free 30 day membership.  Code= ADMIN30 

Please get us documents that you would like us to review.  Some suggestions are:
Copy of Deed of Trust or Mortgage that
Copy of the original Note given to you when you received your alleged loan.
Note signed if possible as it exists today (See section 6 below)
Current Mortgage Statement
If a judicial foreclosure, please give us a copy of complaint or latest answer (NOT all of the court documents)
Any Notice of Default or Sale
Last communication with the Lender (Debt Collector)

2. Scan all documents and rename them per Section 3 of this post. If you cannot do this request, you must have a friend that can scan each record saved in.pdf format. All the pages for each document must be on a single scan.

3. Although all the pages of each document must be in one file. Whatever is recorded separately must be in a separate file. Please provide separated files for each document in chronological order using the naming convention below: When saving each scanned document, use the following format to identify the document:
DateYearDateMonthDateDay-[RecordingNumber]-TypeOfDocument (LastName).pdf
See the sample below:
20021105 [02-107159]-Warranty Deed-Interfamily (Stewart).pdf

4. DIRECTIONS FOR UPLOADING DOCUMENTS:  Here are the directions for how to upload a document to this thread:
a. Click "Reply to topic" underneath this post to put up a new post (you already know how to do this)
b. Click "Add attachments" on the bottom left in the new box that appears
c. Click "Upload Files" in the next box to appear titled "file chooser"
d. Find your documents in the correct window on your computer. Highlight all together at the same time. Hopefully you keep them in the same file folder, Click "Open" or whatever button your window says.
e. They should all upload showing green bars. When the last one is done clicked "finish."
f. You should now see all your documents on the post reply window under where it says "add attachments."
g. Click "submit reply" at the bottom of the post reply window.
h. Your new post will now contain all your documents.

5. Please post all further consultations related questions and documents to THIS thread and ONLY to this thread. This is critical to our maintaining track of your case. We can only follow one thread per member per property.


No Attorney-Client Relationship or Legal Advice
The content of this website has been prepared by HISAdvocates, ssm (HISAdvocates, ssm) for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. The information on this website shall not be construed as an offer to represent you, nor is it intended to create, nor shall the receipt of such information constitute, an attorney-client relationship. We hope that you will find the information informative and useful, and we would be delighted to speak with you to answer any questions you may have about our firm.

Internet users, members (including RSS subscribers), and readers should not act upon the information on this website or decide not to act based upon the information on this website without first seeking appropriate professional counsel from a lawyer or attorney bar carded in the user's jurisdiction. Because the content of any unsolicited internet email sent to HISAdvocates, ssm at any of the email addresses set forth in this website will not create an attorney-client relationship and will not be treated as confidential, you should not send us information until you speak to one of our support staff and get authorization to send that information to us. 

No Guarantee of Results
These descriptions are intended only to provide information about the activities and experience of our members and should not be understood as a guarantee or assurance of future success in any matter. The results portrayed were dependent on a variety of facts and circumstances unique to the particular matters described, and do not reflect the entire record of the individual member(s) involved. Unless otherwise noted, each matter reported was at least relatively complex, the opposing party was represented by counsel, and, in litigation matters, liability and/or damages was contested.  Past results are not a guarantee of the results in future matters, and the outcome of a particular member file or matter cannot be predicated based on past results. We do not make any guarantee, promise or other assurance that the same or similar results can be obtained in any matter we may undertake, and you should not assume that a similar result or outcome can be obtained by our law firm in your legal matter. The outcome of a particular matter depends on a variety of factors-including, among other things, the specific facts and circumstances of the matter, the applicable law, the competence of opposing counsel, and unanticipated events.

Limitation of Liability
Use of this website is at the users own risk and HISAdvocates, ssm expressly disclaims all liability with respect to actions taken or not taken based on any contents of this website. The contents of the website contain general information and may not reflect the most current legal developments, verdicts, or settlements and neither the authors nor HISAdvocates, ssm make any claims, promises or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness, currency, or adequacy of the contents or information contained or linked to herein. The materials on this website may be changed, improved, or updated without notice. HISAdvocates, ssm is not responsible for any errors or omissions in the content of this website or for damages arising from the use or performance of this website under any circumstances.

HISAdvocates, ssm does not intend this website to be advertising for legal services, but in some jurisdictions, it may be considered as such. Any prior results described on this website do not guarantee a similar outcome. Results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each representation.

HISAdvocates, ssm does not seek to represent anyone based upon their viewing of this website in a jurisdiction where this website does not conform to local requirements. This website is not an offer to perform legal services in any jurisdiction in which of HISAdvocates, ssm are not licensed to practice. 

Individual Opinions
The opinions and views expressed at or through this website are the opinions of the designated authors and do not reflect the opinions or views of any of their clients or law firms or the opinions or views of any other individual.


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