Exclusive VIP Membership to HISAdvocates.org
Exclusive VIP Membership to HISAdvocates.org

Membership: 2 Years Premium VIP Membership

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Full Access to the VIP Membership Section for 2 Full Years.

This is an exclusive HISAdvocates.org premium VIP membership.  Welcome to the private VIP membership that allows you one on one support with your personal foreclosure issues.  You can ask any amount of personal questions that pertain to your own personal issues.   True one on one support.  A person will give you direction as to where you can find your answer already posted by another member, or they will share their personal experiences with you to help you through your own issue.

As a VIP, you get discounts for attending HISAdvocates Seminars.  Access Member Directory View all Premium Content (Which is extensive): This one benefit alone will pay for your membership over and over. There is a vast amount of uploaded information that is exclusive to VIP members.  You can post to calendar section, this allows you to create events that your friends and all HISAdvocates members will be able to see.  (Content must be HISAdvocates approved) VIP members get big product discounts and much more.  

We are offering this product to everyone in return for their donation. We want to thank you for your ongoing support to advance this ministry. God Bless.  

Disclaimer:  HISAdvocates.org [HISA] is a private ministry/social platform wholly managed by HISAdvocates, s.s.m. and does NOT practice law or give legal advice.  HISA reminds the people to obtain proper legal/lawful counsel to determine the best approach for each specific situation.  All information such as the blogs, forums, foreclosure calls, consultants, or vendors that are made available on HISA is for educational purposes only.  Moderators are NOT licensed attorneys, they do not provide legal advice, nor do they receive any income or compensation from HISA. Moderators simply share their private experiences or point people to forums or directories in which to help "The People".  HISA does not always agree with any or all of the information and is not responsible for how individuals use it.  Each individual must do their own study and make their own decisions, if and how any of the information on the website might help them with their issues, and consult with a licensed attorney if advice is needed.  HISA reserves ALL of our Rights under GOD, without Prejudice, and without Recourse. 

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